• High School Memories

    We have provided a way to view yearbooks from Knoxville High, East, South, West, Holston, Fulton, and Central. These digital yearbooks can be flipped through just like you would flip through the real thing. We also have several class reunion photos for you to enjoy.
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  • Class Newspapers

    With the help of some similarly minded and benevolent classmates, we have begun a collection of school newspapers. We have several copies of The Blue and White from Knoxville High School, and The Blue and Gray from East High School.


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  • Grammar School Photos

    Do you remember that cute little girl in the second grade or the pesky boy who pulled your pigtails? You might find him or her in one of the many grammar school photos in our collection. We may have many, but we don’t have all we’d like to have. Help us out please.
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  • Youth Sports

    Many of us competed in youth sports in Park City, Chilhowee Park, Alice Bell, the YMCA and Lamar Street Gymnasium. We have begun a collection of team photos taken at these venues. We hope you will help us in locating more photos to add to the collection.
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Welcome to Knoxville Heritage


Our goal with this site is to provide a focused retrospective of the history of Knoxville for those who grew up in a less hectic time in East Tennessee. As the weeks roll by, we will add other segments to what we hope will be an interactive, dynamic, and magnetic gathering place for people who have this common interest.

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