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From the Blog

Dick Tracy and the iPhone

I was walking the 2 blocks home from Wray’s Supermarket when I first saw IT…..a friend of mine had IT on his arm. He was talking into IT as he approached and IT seemed to make a crackling sound between his verbal commands. This mimicked…

A D-Day Paratrooper’s Influence On A Young Boy

On D-Day 2007, I watched a 2-hour Military Channel documentary on the June 6, 1944 invasion of France that began Operation Overlord.  This bloody but successful battle on the beaches at Normandy initiated the effort that resulted in the re-capturing of France and an ultimate…

Tennessee Takes a Body Blow but Dodges a Bullet

No Big Orange fan, of which am one, felt comfortable when Lane Kiffin was announced as Head Coach of the Tennessee Volunteers in December of 2008. Many, including me, were very happy to see Phil Fulmer go. He had let the program slide into virtual…