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Take My Son!

In a benign way the story that follows has nothing to do with Knoxville Heritage. But, in an even more realistic way it has everything to do with Heritage itself…not just Knoxville Heritage. It is the story of life. On this CHRISTmas day I think…


Sorry for The Inconvenience  KNOXVILLE HERITAGE Was Hacked by Cyber-Bully Scumbags!!!  I’m sure you either were notified by email that there were new postings on KNOXVILLE HERITAGE or came to the site over the past two days (May 11-12) and saw postings totally out of…

The Real Story of the Beginning of Bobby Denton’s Broadcast Career

The iconic voice of the P.A. announcer at Tennessee home football games was silenced when Bobby Denton passed away at 73 in April of this year. Bobby was a 1959 graduate of East High, and a broadcasting legend in Knoxville. As I read the articles…