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Some of you know of the obsessive WW2 odyssey I have been on for the last 3+ years.  What began as a project slowly became an adventure, which then turned into an odyssey and finally…well you know the rest…obsession set in.  Some have deemed it a sickness and I have extreme difficulty defending myself against that charge.

One of the results of this research is a new website,, launched on August 1, 2012. It is a companion website to,  I believe you will agree that this is an exciting World War 2 resource for both enjoyment and learning. There are certainly a number of WW2 sites in existence, but we wanted to develop one that is more expansive others we have seen.

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Here are the elements of the site, which we think you and other users will enjoy.

1) Dynamic content that changes daily
2) Recommendations of books, documentaries and movies for the WW2 enthusiast
3) Ease of navigation
4) Interesting and exciting videos and articles
5) A research resource for young and old


Segments of the site include:

•  ARTICLES and VIDEOS:  We will post interesting articles and videos at least weekly and often more frequently.  We believe this dynamic feature will encourage multiple visits by our patrons.
•  THIS WEEK IN WW2:  We have documented many of the key events of WW2, including those that led to the war.
•  STORE:  We have researched and evaluated numerous books, documentaries and movies and provided easy linked access to them. Please let us know what your favorites are.
•  PUBLICATIONS:  During WW2, our troops kept up-to-date on what was happening in the war outside of their area of operation. YANK, a weekly magazine format publication, and Stars & Stripes, a daily newspaper, provided such information. We have reproduced many of these publications in a format easy for you to peruse
•  PHOTO ALBUMS:  We have reproduced and developed elaborate photo albums for a number of GI’s who have (or whose family has) made their photos available to us for inclusion on this site.
•  YEARBOOKS:  Included are numerous training yearbooks with a treasure trove of photos and information on WW2 training groups and sites.
•  MEDIA:  Great stories are told through the multitude of WW2 posters from the U.S., Britain and Germany. We have a large number of these colorful posters for you to see.  We also have aircraft and “nose art” photos for reminiscing and research.

We welcome items or ideas that would be additions to our site.  If you have them, please let us know.


Ross Greene, Founder and Editor, and

The WorldWar2Collection Staff



  1. Barbiara Wilson on August 10, 2012 at 11:38 am

    Another fantastic journalistic dream being accomplished as welll as work in progress. Such depth of content and attention to detail
    Is what makes your projects so special. Congratulations, Ross, on this newest contribution to understanding that crucial time in
    history and as it relates to us. God bless you as you continue to bless others with your amazing talent and what is important in life.

  2. Carol Bishop Clift on August 17, 2012 at 9:17 pm

    Ross, RaY & I just returned from one of our many trips to Hawaii. We again visited Pearl Harbor Memorial. We go there each time to pay honor to those fallen heros. We also visit Punch Bowl Cemetery each time where other Veterans are buried from World War II, Korea, Vietnam and more recent wars. We should NEVER forget the price of our freedom and those who have sacrificed for it. Gob Bless You Ross for all you do.

    Carol Bishop Clift

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