USS Arizona Memorial


Seventy-one years ago, December 7, 1941 the US “was suddenly and deliberately attacked by naval and air forces of the Empire of Japan.” as FDR said.  It was truly a “day that will live in infamy,” and will never be forgotten…or will it? The events of that day truly changed forever the course…but maybe not the collective memory…of history.

USS Tennessee & sunken USS West Virginia after Pearl Harbor attack, 10 Dec. 1941

I was 9 months and 15 days old when the attack occurred. In my early years from 2 through 5 or 6 I remember the effects on the lives of stateside families who were physical and moral supporters of the war from our safe homes. We, the USA, lost 500,000 men and women in WW2, about the same as Great Britain and France, but no part of the battle was ever waged on our soil.  By comparison, of the more than 60 million total deaths in WW2 the Soviet Union lost over 23 million, China 15 million, Japan 3 million and Germany 7.5 million.

In the 4 years and 8 months that followed Pearl Harbor, the US went from peacetime (even though we were “passively” involved by helping the British in the Battle of the Atlantic) to a total focus on the war in Europe, Asia, Africa and ultimately Japan.  During that short time we, mobilized a committed nation, becoming the tip and engine of the spear that defeated the despotic Adolf Hitler and his followers…both the willing and the unwilling.

Today we are about to lose the message and the results produced during those 1700 days…JUST 1700 DAYS…that followed the attack in Hawaii.  Today our country can’t decide where to hang the toilet paper rack in a government bathroom in that space of time. We are a rudderless and paralyzed nation of takers…GOD HELP US!!!



  1. Herbert S Doane on December 7, 2012 at 7:20 pm

    Ross, I was older than you but that war touched us all in one way or another. Hawaii was brutalized during that attack and when I served at Barbers Point for two years of my Naval enlistment (1954-1956) I still saw evidence of that attack.

    Just thankful we won the war and was even more blessed because our country used WWII to finally escape from the depths of a serious depression to a fast growing economy and we prospered, but we did have to bury our dead and heal our wounded. The Memorial shown in this article has been quite a spot for visitation ever since it was erected…

    Thank you for your story Ross!

  2. John. Blanc on December 10, 2012 at 10:38 am

    I agree with you 100% when you say, “We are a rudderless and paralyzed nation of takers”. I look at and think of the moral’s of people back in that time and look at them now, yes Ross, “God Help Us”. If we ever needed his help, we sure need it now!!!

  3. Don Pinkston on December 10, 2012 at 12:02 pm

    Yes sir, Ross, very serious adversity will visit this Nation again. When we do not learn from our experiences we are doomed to repeat them. Serious study of history is no longer required in school, too many parents believe the schools should teach their kids everything about life and we have taken God’s Bible and cut out certain passages so we no longer
    study the REAL SPIRITUAL TRUTH. We rely on others to fill our minds with their ideas…Yes, the best is yet to come but only with a nation going through another Spiritual Awakening…. Stay focused on Israel, especialy Jerusalem. Praying always, ” Lord Jesus, Come Now “…..

  4. Wiolbur Curtis on December 10, 2012 at 1:35 pm

    I was born in 1934 so I remember quite well about WW-2. What I have a problem with today is the dumn-A’es who protest at Oak Ridge each in Aug 6 concerning the A-bomb. What these dummies do not understand is, had the Jap’s had the bomb in 1942, they would of came over to this country and taken our country instead of waiting 60 years and buying parts of it. On thing people did not want to see back them was the Western Union delivery guys pulling up to you house.

  5. Allen McGill on December 11, 2012 at 5:29 pm


    I was born not long after WWII, but remember the solidarity this country exhibited afterwards. America became a nation of Christians and was a role model to other nations. It wasn’t about pride, but about living out God’s plan for our lives. America was then lead by leaders of integrity and faith, and decisions were based upon our trust in God. America looked up to those in governement and trusted their judgement. Not so today………..As Don said above “Stay focused on Israel, especially Jerusalem.” If you don’t think this administration will throw you nder the bus, just look at how they are treating Israel. The worst is yet to come. Yes “God Help Us” and heal our land, for we have turned our backs on our only Hope.

  6. Carol Bishop Clift on December 25, 2012 at 3:42 pm

    Ross, Ray & I were in Hawaii this past August. We have visited the Islands about 20 times. We always take a day and
    visit Pearl Harbor and Punchbowl National Cemetery. Very moving experience. We were also on Oahu when they brought
    the battleship Missouri to its final mooring place on the other side of Ford Island from Pearl Harbor. We sat on
    Waikiki Beach that day and watched that very historic ship sail by decked out in full regalia. We have also toured this ship. Your right,History is NOT taught today and “We are doomed to repeat History if we do not learn from ut”.
    Beautiful picture of you and your family. Carol Ann

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