Sorry for The Inconvenience

 KNOXVILLE HERITAGE Was Hacked by Cyber-Bully Scumbags!!!

 I’m sure you either were notified by email that there were new postings on KNOXVILLE HERITAGE or came to the site over the past two days (May 11-12) and saw postings totally out of character with my personal philosophy and the purpose of this website. A cyber-bully, scumbag gained access to the site and used it to post incredibly insensitive material. Please forgive the inconvenience and any attack that the material had on your sensibilities.

NO e-mail addresses were compromised, as they are held in another location and not accessible through our website! So there was no possibility of this trash-bag getting direct access to anything except our site.

It’s sad but not surprising that our world contains people whose desire is to wreck havoc, destroy property, cause trouble and cost businesses and individuals time, energy and money.  The same type of people who do this are the ones that used to;  destroy mailboxes with a baseball bat, spray paint houses and walls, destroy lawns, key cars, puncture tires, etc…….you can name hundreds of destructive acts to this list. Now, these punks are able to do similar and significantly more dastardly and costly damage under the cloak of darkness in the privacy of their rat-holes.

It cost us; multiple man hours, hundreds of dollars and considerable emotional distress and frustration to solve this problem. But, it has been taken care of and we have further protected our site from similar damage in the future. Notice, I said “protect,” not “eliminate.” In this world those with the intent to destroy work 24-7 to do so. This is a part of human nature and the sin-condition. Many acts are much more costly and with much broader impact than what just happened to us. So we must be vigilant in combatting these pervasive and depraved actions by the few idiots that live among us. And remember, they also vote!

Thanks for your understanding.

Ross Greene
Founder and Editor

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