East High Mountaineers Started Fast and Finished Strong

East High School football results are a distant memory for some and non existent for others.  If you do have an inclination to resurrect a memory or two about the ebb and flow of Mountaineer football over its 157 games in 16 seasons,  a recent article in WWW.KNOXFOCUS.COM will bring a smile to you.  Steve Williams provides a hop and a skip through the 16 seasons of Mountaineer football in his article “East High Mountaineers Started Fast and Finished Strong.” It can be accessed here.

One slight insight might prevent some consternation as you read the article.  Mr. Williams refers to the teams by the year in which the season was played, not the school or class year. For example; when he refers to the 1958 team he is talking about the team for the 1959 class, because all football games were played in the calendar year 1958. With this caveat, you will surely enjoy reliving some Mountie pigskin highlights.

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