Hail the World War II Veterans!

“The legacy of heroes is the memory of a great name and the inheritance of a great example.”

-Benjamin Disraeli


Some heroes are born, while some are made. Some heroes fight war, while some are victims. Some heroes save lives, while some sacrifice their own.

Heroism comes from within. It’s the soul of a man who loves his country. It’s the heart of a man in search of freedom and peace. It’s the mind of a man who wishes for a better life for his fellowmen.

All of us possess the gift of heroism, but only an extraordinary few would dare to stand up and rise to the occasion. Only honorable men would dare to step up and become heroes for their country and their fellowmen.

Our World War II Veterans are extraordinary and honorable men who embraced the life of being heroes. They sacrificed being with their loved ones, endured hard training and fought long battles, to give our country the freedom and peace it deserved.

Our veterans faced cold war. They have endured the agony and pain of bloodshed to make sure that no more blood will be spilled in our motherland. They have fought against the enemies to make sure that we all live in peace. They sacrificed their own lives, to make sure that we live a free and serene life.

Many years have passed since our veterans’ heroic deeds triumphed. A modern world has replaced the world of the past. We are no longer living in fear or in hiding. We can now walk bravely in daylight without worrying of war lurking somewhere nearby. We are finally granted freedom and peace, and we owe that to our brave veterans.

It is ironic though that we seem to have forgotten the great deeds of our veterans. We seem to have forgotten that they have banished war from our homeland. We seem to have forgotten that we owe our lives to them. Consumed by the atrocities of our now modern world, we take for granted their heroism.

No matter what becomes of our world or our country, we should never ever forget the heroism of our veterans. We should never forget that they fought endless battles just to give us a better life.

The legacy of our veterans should always be remembered. Our veterans are great and honorable men who should always be cherished as great examples of what heroism is all about. Here is a fascinating link for an interactive map of the Living World War II Veterans. We hope you find it as interesting as we did.

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