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KNOXVILLE HERITAGE has been significantly better received and used than we ever imagined.  Many of you have shared with us how you have used the site to connect with important; times, people, events and places that shaped your life.  We are very pleased to have helped in this way and grateful for your sharing your feelings with us.  At the end of this blog, we have listed the many of you who have helped us make a reality…and a success.

I would like to ask each of you to help us expand our site in the areas where we have gaps.  Many of you have photos, papers, yearbooks and other memorabilia that we might borrow for the short time that it takes to scan it.  By doing this we can make it digitally available over the internet to others just like us who love to relive some happy days from the past.  Please help us collect the following:

Yearbooks…We have been able to collect all of the Knoxville High and East High Yearbooks and they are available on the website.  We need some additional ones from Central, Fulton and Holston. You can see which ones we need by clicking here.

School Newspapers…We have many from East High.  We don’t have and therefore need those from years 1951 thru 1955 and from 1964 thru 1968.  We also are in need of many Blue and White newspapers from Knoxville High School. By clicking here you can see which ones we have and which we need PLEASE help us make these available by lending us what you or those you know might have.

Photos and Photo Albums…We have many photos from various venues including; youth sports, high school, historic Knoxville etc.  If you have some that might be of wide interest, please contact us. We also have two Photo Albums or Scrapbooks posted.  We have another in the works that is both historic and will be of great interest to people all over Knoxville and beyond. If you have one that you think others would enjoy please contact us.

You may read this and feel initially that “I can’t help…I have none of these items.” Well, they are out there…somewhere.  And many would like to see them.  Think about what you might have and what others might have and give us an e-mail shout at We’ll be grateful…and many others will be also.

Now…with fear and trepidation that I will leave someone off the list of those who graciously helped all of us “heritage nuts” by contributing materials…here is the list as best my limited and old brain can remember.  Please let me know if there are omissions and I will correct them.  Also, please chalk such errors up to innocent stupidity and not malicious intent.


Priscilla “Prissy” Albright David Leonard  Greene Becky Mankel McBride
Earl Baker Lynne Hoover Greene Alan McCay
Paul Baker Kathy Hancock Lucinda Logan McCay
John Blazier Ron Hartsell Allen McGill
Paul Bunch Phil & Freida Haun Fred Mynatt
Tom Burnett Jamie Powers Haworth Steve Nelson
Bob Cannon Bill Higdon Greg O’Connor
Carol Bishop Clift Barbara Zwick Hirsch Ed Ousley
Ray Clift Richard “Richie” Hooper Donald Pinkston
Ed Cooper Michael Kinnane Susan Puckett
Kyle “Buddy” Cruze Rosemary Mankel Kite Beverly Cash Randolph
Rosalind Perrin Davis Cindy Lacy Bradley Reeves
Prent Dixon David Lawson Henry Russell
Don Manley Elizabeth “Patti” Hancock LeMay Helen Keough Sears
Ed Carter Bud Lobetti Betty Jane May Shelton
Charlie Ellenburg Gina Lobetti Collette Edward Shipe
Tom Evans Ludwin Speir Bob Simerly
Mary Lou Guinn Finley Wanda Cochran Majors Michael Smith
Dick Foster Thomas Holbert Jr. Jennifer Stooksbury
Dorothy Franks Casteel Leon Kirby Bill Weesner
Elizabeth “Beth” Harrison Gouch Ann Rose Wheeler
Diana Mankel Green Jack Williams
Tom Greene Doug Wise


  1. Diane Dehner Reynolds on March 8, 2013 at 9:48 pm

    After moving from Knoxville in 1954 first to Florida and then Oregon, I have been looking for my Belle Morris grade school friend Rosalind Perrin for over 50 years and was thrilled to see her name on the list of Knoxville Heritage contributors.

    If anyone reading this knows how to contact “Rozzy” please feel free to pass along my email and home phone 503.399-7083; address is 367 Rees Hill Rd. SE, Salem, OR 97306.

    I would be eternally grateful!
    Diane Dehner Reynolds

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